Motions Passed at the Annual General Meeting 24/06/18

The following motions were passed at the Chipping Barnet Labour Annual General Meeting on 24th June 2018:

First Motion

Chipping Barnet Labour Party notes that the separation of migrant minors from their families by US border officials at the border with Mexico is an infringement of the migrants rights to family life under Article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). President Donald Trumpā€™s delay in responding to the situation once he became aware of it shows a disregard of the basic human rights we in Britain hold dear and have enshrined in law in the Human Rights Act 1998.

This CLP calls on the Government to revoke the invitation to Donald Trump to visit the UK in July of this year.

This CLP calls on Theresa May to send a strong message to Donald Trump that despite the special relationship between the USA and the UK, her Government will not ignore such human rights abuses by his Administration.

This CLP resolves to join the protests held in London on 13th and 14th July to coincide with the Presidentā€™s visit.

This CLP calls on Emily Thornberry as Shadow Foreign Secretary to raise this issue in Parliament and demand the Government revokes the invitation immediately.

Second Motion

Chipping Barnet CLP notes the fifteen thousand strong demonstration of the far right wing on June 9th in central London which chanted racist and Islamophobic hate messages, made Hitler salutes, violently took over a tourist bus, attacked and injured police and attempted to break the gates of Downing Street.

We recognise that there is a dangerous far right mass movement growing, which unites elements of UKIP, the EDL, its former leader Tommy Robinson, the BNP and the expanding Democratic Football Lads Alliance. It has international far-right support from, for example, the USA (Steve Bannon), Holland (Geert Wilders), Germany (Alternative fuer Deutschland), Belgium (Filip de Winter).

We resolve to protect our multi-ethnic, multi-faith, democratic society and to support the broad anti-racist and anti-fascist alliance being built to counter this threat.

We resolve to encourage members to join the anti-racist demonstration on July 14th, to take our banner on the march and to support the ongoing campaign to counter the threat of the extreme right in this country.