Our Christmas Number One 🌹🌹🌹

Chipping Barnet Labour Party members at the Coppetts street stall on Woodhouse Road, November 2019

Available for download here or here

One of our members, Paul Mackney took his guitar down to the Coppetts Street Stall one day and began singing. Inspired by the Manifesto of our lifetimes and the hope that it brings to so many of us up, down and around this country. His song has evolved and become a local anthem, and is now reaching people far and wide.

Please share, enjoy, make up your own verses & sing along!

Let’s spread the word and give ourselves the best Christmas Present EVER!! The one we all deserve. The one we’ve been waiting for, hoping for, dreaming of!

As the wise John McDonnell says: Another world is not just possible, it is within sight!

Solidarity lovely people 🌹🌹🌹

Here are a copy of the lyrics for you to sing along:

If you can play the guitar, here are the chords to play along.

And here are some of the other verses that didn’t make the final cut:

If your school is short of cash,
And the staff tear out their hair
Tories think that our state schools
Are for any child but theirs.
Vote with the many not the few.

If your doctor’s so hard-pressed
That you can’t get an appointment.
You don’t need to be depressed.
To avoid more disappointment,
Vote with the many not the few.


We’ll ensure full rights at work
From the day that you arrive,
We’ll restore collective bargaining
And the unions’ right to strike.
For the many not the few

We’ll extend the right to vote:
If you’ve reached your sixteenth birthday,
And to everyone who lives here
Though they may come from far away.
We’re for the many not the few.


Our NHS is not for sale!
Bojo would trade it all away
While we’re waiting on a trolley,
Crooks would swindle lots of lolly.
We’re for the many not the few.

To divert us from the truth,
He accentuates division
Of sex, race and religion.
Only Labour has the vision
For the many not the few.


Now it’s time for real change
In every city, town and village,
The Labour Party will arrange,
To put people before privilege.
For the many not the few.

By now you’ll have the flavour:
So, on the twelfth day of December
Put a cross for Corbyn’s Labour
And a socialist agenda,
For the many not the few


And local verses are to be encouraged:

In Moseley and Kings Heath, <<< add own location
Now that winter’s here,
After all that canvassing
One thing should be clear:
We’re for the many not the few


Where the Greens might split the vote:

Don’t be dazzled by the Greens
So spring-like & virginal
They’re opening the backdoor
To the Tories in the marginals
We’re For the many not the few

So….explain to the Greens
That there really is no doubt:
If the seat is knife edge
They really should back out
We’re For the many not the few