Thank you


A big thank you to everyone who supported us, voted for us, inspired us, talked with us on stalls, doorsteps & anywhere else.
Thank you to everyone who campaigned with us, from near & far, young & old, from all walks of life.
Thank you for everyone’s hard work, commitment, dedication.
Thank you for each & every contribution.
We’re so disappointed by the outcome; for what it means for each & every one of us, but we’ll continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other and with those affected by the unfairness & injustices in our society.
We will take some time for reflection. We will keep learning, keep building and organising.
“You see there are two flames burning
in the human heart all the time.
The flame of anger against injustice,
and the flame of hope you can build
a better world.”
Tony Benn
Solidarity good people 🌹🌹🌹